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Using Prepositions

Prepositions join words together. They connect a noun or pronoun with an adjective or verb. Difficulty with prepositions stems from trying to figure out which one you should use.

Below is a table of some of the most frequently used prepositions and examples of how/when to use them.

Preposition When to use it: Example
to with verbs of movement James drove to work.
in with cities, states, countries, months, and years Amy lives in Boston.
I will see you in November.
on with surfaces and days of the week I hung my framed degree on the wall.
Let’s get together on Friday.
at with verbs that do not express movement with times of day I met him at the coffee shop.
Her video conference began at 2:00pm.
out of
when expressing movement from one location to another Ruth transferred the document onto the flash drive.

Henry walked into the office.

Shelby pulled the folder out of her bag.



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