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I have just been promoted in my company, and my boss is now asking me to lead weekly presentations. How can I make an effective PowerPoint?

Congratulations on your promotion! Including a PowerPoint is a great resource to any presentation. However, it is important that your slides include the right amount of information and images.

Here are some quick tips:

Limit the words on each slide. Your PowerPoint should not be composed of the complete transcript of your presentation. Make sure that you have keywords or phrases only.

Include visuals. People think in pictures, not in words.  So use one image and a few words to make your point. Numerical data should be supported by charts and/or graphs. When relevant, additional images and audio or video clips can keep your audience engaged.

Summarize at the end. No matter the length of your presentation, it is important to summarize your main points on the final slide. This way, your colleagues are reminded of what the most important takeaways are.



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