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My colleagues complain that my emails are too wordy. How can I make my emails clear and concise?

Wordy emails can be frustrating for the recipient because he or she has to spend time determining which parts of the email are crucial and which are simply just extra, unnecessary information. If your colleague has expressed concern to you, than you could likely benefit from some editing before you hit “send.”

Here are some quick tips:

Have a proper subject line. Make sure your reader knows the topic of your email before she even opens it by having a short but specific subject line:  Marketing Meeting Prep Needed is better than Marketing Meeting.

Use headlines. If you need to include multiple aspects of your topic in one email, use headlines to break up the information – even if each paragraph is only a line or two. The main point of your email should be at the top, and all remaining details should be under clear headings.  It’s much easier to read with headlines that ‘chunk’ information.


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